You are about to join a top-paying online workplace where your wages are constantly sent right to your MPESA account as you keep earning more and more without having to wait for end month or end of the day to get paid. Scroll down to understand how to start earning from Kshs 900.00/min right away (FREE registration).

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Safaricom MPESA Foundation

How To Earn

 FREE Registration - Creating an account is free of charge. Register?  Referral Link - A unique and personalised Referral Link is displayed in your account dashboard. Click on the link to share it with your friends/family/colleagues to enable you earn income when people register for an account through that link.
All those who registered via your link are reflected in your account as Direct Referrals while those who registered via the referral links from your direct referrals will be reflected as Indirect Referrals. Luckily, you will EARN FROM BOTH your direct referrals and indirect referrals.

 Account Packages - Your account can either be a Gold, Silver or Platinum Package account (you can migrate from one package to the other as many times as you please).
Having a Gold Package account earns you Ksh 900 for every direct referral and Ksh 450 for every indirect referral while having a Silver Package account earns you Ksh 600 for every direct referral and Ksh 300 for every indirect referral.
Similarly, having a Platinum Package account earns you Ksh 300 for every direct referral and Ksh 150 for every indirect referral.

 Earning Levels - There are 2 levels of earning i.e. Direct Earning & Indirect Earning. Direct Earning enables you to earn from your direct referrals (those who you invited directly) at a rate of Ksh 900 if your account package is Gold or Ksh 600 if you are in Silver Package or Ksh 300 if you are in Platinum Package.
Indirect Earning enables you to earn from people who your direct referrals have invited (indirect referrals) at a rate of Ksh 450 if you are in Gold Pacakge account or Ksh 300 if you are in Silver Package account or Ksh 150 if you are in Platinum Package account.

 Withdrawals - All cash withdrawal transactions from your account to your MPESA mobile number are effected instantly as soon as you press the "Withdraw" button in your account dashboard without any sort of delays whatsoever.
However, withdrawal transaction charges will apply based on the amount withdrawn in each distinct transaction.

Safaricom MPESA Foundation
Safaricom MPESA FoundationSafaricom MPESA Foundation

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by Elizabeth Kipkoech  |  08-04-2021

    thanx alot zangu zishaafika tayari just received on my MPESA santii am so blessed there was no delays,,,,

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by Susan Njoroge  |  11-04-2021

    why charge a transaction fee yet you have said there is no transaction fees you owe me 65bob please explain why 65bob was deducted mpesa message is OIQ8SLEZLI i withdrew kshs 9,600 but got kSH 9,535 check pls

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by Brian Momanyi  |  13-04-2021

    You guys are d best apa pesa ni kwa wingi keep up

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by Pamela Mwende  |  14-04-2021

    oh my gosh thank you so much it’s working...... thankkkkkkkkkk you ...i have just withdrawn my first kshs. 5,860 and it came straight to my mpesa account immediately.....this is simply the best place ever:)

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by Damaris Apiyo  |  15-04-2021

    mbona mtu aki withdraw earnings zake usiku sometimes inakataa but mchana inakubali.....ama ni simu yangu iko na shida juu sielewi, jana usiku saa nne ivi nlijaribu kujitumia earnings zangu kwa Mpesa ikasema low referrals count but leo asubuhi ilikubali shida iko wapi????

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by Abdulrazak Said  |  18-04-2021

    rada iko safi uku shukran jo ile kusota nlikuwa nimesota na hii Corona mustake jua,,, mmeniokolea sana mmemaintain hiyo spirit wasee

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